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Fire Sprinkler Installations

A fire can quickly turn a thriving business or comfortable home into a mess of damage and debris. Personal belongings and inventory can be lost, or worse, family or customers can be put in danger. Fire can start from a variety of sources including cooking areas, electrical cords, lightning strikes, or more. When the horrible happens, you want to know there is an emergency system that can potentially reduce damages to your home or business by a large amount. That’s where we can help. Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp. is your NJ fire system installation company. With years of experience and a knowledgeable team, we can get your home or business protected!

RPM Development Group

Commercial fire sprinkler installations can be either small and simple, or large and elaborate. We can install systems of all sizes to meet your unique needs and expectations for retail shops, restaurants, schools, warehouses, or other areas.

Residential fire sprinkler installations will be responsible for protecting your family, belongings and home. After a smoke alarm detects danger, the sprinkler system will prevent the flames from spreading.

We can install systems in newly constructed buildings, as well as established buildings in need of a sprinkler replacement or sprinkler addition.

State-of-the-art systems can be made to target hard-to-reach areas, or areas of high risk such as those in industrial settings.

Our design and installation technicians are NICET certified. This means they have been independently tested on a variety of aspects and have passed them all with flying colors.

Contact Us to Learn More Today

Newark Fire Sprinkler Corp. is proud to offer fire sprinkler services across New Jersey. To learn more, contact our team at  973-817-8114

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